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UK economist invited to be review editor of one of world’s leading science journals

Professor Andrew OswaldA leading economist has been asked to join the Board of Reviewing Editors at Science one of the world’s most respected science journals. Professor Andrew Oswald is an economist at the University of Warwick and is ranked by ISI as one of the world’s “Highly Cited” researchers.

He is best known for his research into the areas of happiness and health and well being. His latest work is on income, heart rate and blood pressure. His research has generated significant interest across a number of academic disciplines in both Science and the Social Sciences and has led to collaborations with clinical researchers and psychologists.

It is a rare honour for a non scientist to be even considered for the board of so prestigious a Science Journal as Science.

His appointment reflects the growing interdisciplinary work between scientists and social scientists.

Professor Oswald says:

“It is an extraordinary time in world research. I would not have dreamed of what has happened in economics over my lifetime. Scientists and social scientists are increasingly working together to crack significant research problems: there are physicists and financial specialists pooling knowledge on turbulence, and sociologists and horticulturalists  working together on food security. I am delighted to be asked to work alongside the roll call of senior scientists on Science's Board of Reviewing Editors to help the review process itself reflect the range of interdisciplinary work between scientists and social scientists."

For further information please contact:

Professor Andrew Oswald, Department of Economics,
University of Warwick 024 76 523510 mobile 07876 217717

Peter Dunn, Head of Communications,
University of Warwick, 024 76 523708 or
07767 655860 email:

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