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WMG’s smallest new nano roles make it bigger than ever - taking it to 500 milestone

Professor Lord Bhattacharyya  WMG University of WarwickWMG at the University of Warwick are to recruit ten new Professors and Associate/Assistant Professors including two new research posts in nanocomposite technologies.

Those new two new nanocomposite researchers will help engineers create new engineering products and materials using nanotechnology -the science of the very small manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale – but researching the very small will also creates a huge size milestone for WMG as they will in fact be the 499th and 500th persons to be employed in WMG’s research buildings.

WMG began with just one man who joined the University of Warwick in 1980 as Professor of Manufacturing Systems. These latest two roles will now give him 499 colleagues along with over 1200 full time students and part time students, in a world leading research group with an annual programme of £140m year.

WMG Chairman and Founder Professor Lord Bhattacharyya said:

“New materials, fabrication, and nanotechnology are high technology frontiers that will be crucial for the future of the automotive and aerospace industries across the globe. These new posts will help us explore all three of those key frontiers to find practicable solutions for our 21st century commercial engineering challenges. I am delighted that these posts also mark a milestone moment for WMG taking us to a community of 500 researchers and support staff that integrates teams from academic research and teaching and commercial engineers from global engineering brands.”

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PR101 5th July 2012