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MERCOSUR: Trade and Investment Amid Financial Crisis

MERCOSUR: Trade and Investment Amid Financial Crisis

Publisher :Aspen Publishers

Author:Jorge Guira ISBN:9041199187

Since its creation by the Treaty of Asunci n in 1991, the regional trade association of MERCOSUR has been plagued by financial crises in its member states. Yet it continues, albeit slowly, to meet its objectives. To its four full members (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay) it has already added Chile and Bolivia as associate members, and continues its negotiations with the Andean Community and even with Mexico.

This book by a leading authority on the subject is the first full-length analysis of the viability of MERCOSUR as an effective engine of economic development. Drawing on vast reservoirs of expertise and insight, Professor Guira considers the phenomenon of MERCOSUR in all its real-world and theoretical contexts, from forces inherent in Latin American history to its role in a global trading regime dominated by the WTO, the IMF, the EU, and NAFTA. He provides in-depth commentary on the nexus between the economic crises of member states (particularly Brazil and Argentina) and the multiple and complex linkages that animate MERCOSUR s continuing and distinct identity. He finds that, despite the modest effect to date of MERCOSUR on the economic development of its member states, the laws and institutions that characterise the organisation are now sufficiently established to weather the confidence-building challenge that must be met and overcome if the major Latin American nations are to play a role in global commerce that matches their enormous economic significance.

Dr Jorge Guira is also author of “State-to-State Arbitration Under Mercosur” (International Arbitration in Latin America Ed. Nigel Blackaby, David Lindsey, Alessandro Spinillo, Kluwer Law International).

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