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Best Practice -Professional Services

Good work often happens in pockets.
But pockets get lost. Pockets get missed. We want to change that.

This page allows you to explore the good work that professionalservices are undertaking, as brought to light by ITLR 2023.

In case you were wondering what professional services even means, think of these as branches of a tree.

Professional service staff are here to support the academic departments that you belong to. They are here to ensure that your overall experience at Warwick- and not just your academic experience- is as easy-flowing and seamless as it can be.

Find out more about professional services clusters in ITLR 2023.

Teams in Scope
Areas of Best Practice

Student Transitions, Community and Wellbeing

Fostering belonging and confidence for our diverse communities of students before and throughout their time at Warwick.
  • Wellbeing Support Services
  • Dean of Students' Office
  • Widening Participation
  • Social Inclusion
  • Student Communications
  • Student Complaints & Academic Casework
  • Student Discipline and Resolution
  • Student Experience Division

Student Experience and Student Co-Creation.

Interested in Student Co-Creation but don't know where to start? Check out this comprehensive list of projects and toolkits of resources for a bit of guidance.

Learning Beyond Boundaries

Maximising the engagement with and impact of diverse opportunities for applying learning and developing rounded, successful students.
  • Student Opportunity
  • Warwick Enterprise
  • International Strategy & Relations
  • Regional Strategy
  • Warwick Institute of Engagement

Ever heard of the Warwick Award? Are in you in two minds about applying? Don't know what skills you can gain, and whether these will be transferable to the workplace?

Hear from the team behind the Award as they interview students to learn more about how and where they have put these skills acquired during the Award into practice.

Seamless Physical and Digital Learning Environments

The seamless blend of physical and digital learning environments, resources, and infrastructure.
  • FOLD (except Work-Based and Professional Learning, see below)
  • Library
  • Space Management and Timetabling
  • IT Teams (across IDG)
  • Estates (teaching and learning spaces)

A. Warwick Estates efforts towards an inclusive campus

B. Student Co-creation initiatives at the Library

A Culture of Education Leadership and Innovation

Enabling staff and students to drive change and embed excellence in education across disciplinary boundaries.
  • Education Policy and Quality

Working with:

  • Academic Development Centre

  • Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning

  • Warwick International Higher Education Academy

Student co-creation at WorldCUR-BCUR 2023 and ICUR 2023.

Interested in knowing how the IATL team created hubs of in-house student expertise by building sub-teams of Student Directors and Student Volunteers?

Enabling Postgraduate Researchers to Thrive

Supporting an inclusive and interdisciplinary culture for our postgraduate researchers.
  • Doctoral College
  • We will be working with the Doctoral College and Cluster Leads to develop a collaborative approach between clusters.

Researcher Development Programme

Did you know the Doctoral College did a podcast where they talk about navigating imposter syndrome, maths anxiety, striking a work life balance, and more?!

Have an initiative or project that was raised in ITLR 2023? Don't see it here?

We're on a mission to de-pocketise areas of good practice at University and we need your help to do so. Let us know if we've missed something so we can get it on the map!