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Researcher Development Online Podcast

Your Mental Health During your PhD Impostor Syndrome

18:15, Fri 12 Aug 2022

Listen to our resident Mental Health Expert Frane Vusio talk about impostor syndrome and how to overcome it. 

You might also like to watch Frane talk about the 5 pillars of wellbeing over on our YouTube channel. 

(MP3 format, 28 MB)


PhD in a Second Language

12:57, Fri 12 Aug 2022

Luana Tavano Garcia talks about the challenges of doing a PhD in your second language and why we run a series of workshops to support this. 

(MP3 format, 49 MB)


Global Researcher Striking the Right Work Life Balance

12:55, Fri 12 Aug 2022

As part of our Globalised Researcher mini series, Darius Koester, Assistant Professor from Warwick Medical School; talks about his experiences of working in France and India and how he balanced his work/life during this time.

(MP3 format, 26 MB)


Global Researcher A Career Story

12:53, Fri 12 Aug 2022

Darius Koeste, Bio Physicist from Warwick Medical School discusses his experiences of moving around the world to support his research career. He reflects on his learning and challenges

(MP3 format, 31 MB)


Research Ethics

12:50, Fri 12 Aug 2022

Michele Underwood discusses why understanding the importance of ethics and integrity in research is fundamental to our research careers. She also talks of the challenges of being clear about what ethics and integrity are and some resources to check out.

Dilemma Game - developed by Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Epigeum Research Integrity Training

RDO Integrity & Ethics Workshops

(MP3 format, 50 MB)


Seeking Help with Maths Anxiety

16:47, Mon 28 Feb 2022

What can you do to help yourself if you are suffering with maths anxiety? Join Katy R Mahoney and Sue Johnston-Wilder as they talk through practical ways you can help yourself overcome maths anxiety. 

(MP3 format, 18 MB)


Understanding Maths Anxiety

16:46, Mon 28 Feb 2022

Do you worry about 'doing' maths? Have you ever made a decision to avoid maths because of how you feel? Join Katy R Mahoney and Sue Johnston-Wilder as they talk through what maths anxiety is and how it affects PhD researchers. 


(MP3 format, 14 MB)


Introducing Maths Anxiety Podcast

16:38, Mon 28 Feb 2022

Welcome to our short podcast series for researchers on maths anxiety.

In this first episode we introduce our presenters and why we have a passion for supporting researchers with maths anxiety. 

(MP3 format, 4.9 MB)


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