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Our Future Campus - Design and Landscape

The next phase of work in our future campus vision is to develop our plans under four overarching campus development themes:

  1. Transport and Mobility
  2. Design and Landscape
  3. Energy and Sustainability
  4. SMART Campus
Design and Landscape

We aim to create a vibrant community-focused environment by enhancing the distinctiveness of our buildings and nurturing our semi-rural setting.

What might this look like?
  • Mixed use developments that bring a vibrant, inclusive and lively feel to the centre of our campus for all.
  • Bringing nature and active green spaces back to the centre of campus.
  • Activating the ground floors of buildings for a seamless flow of indoor to outdoor living, working and studying and to share the world class activity taking place in an open and inclusive way.
What do we have to build on?
  • Landmark buildings have been built in support of this vision from the Oculus promoting new ways of learning, to the Prof. Lord Bhattacharyya Building hosting collaborative manufacturing research with industry and our world class Sports Hub encouraging healthy living.
  • Consultation on the vision for our future Library captures our community‚Äôs desire for inspiring communal study and research space.
  • Windmill Hill has been designated as protected green space for campus and local communities to experience and enjoy.
  • Our new Faculty of Arts building design provides a distinctive silhouette on our campus skyline and mixed use ground floor space to enhance inclusivity of use.
  • Many of our developments over the past 3 years have public engagement spaces and cafes in the ground floors. The inclusive design, using glazing and well serviced, adaptable spaces encourages multi-use and 24/7 activity.

An image of the Oculus