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Governance and Oversight

Governance and Oversight

Project Board

The Project Board has oversight of the planning, delivery and evaluation of ITLR in line with the approved Concept and Blueprint for Delivery – usually through the receipt of progress reports and recommended decisions from the Project Team – and informed by the Advisory Group.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group provides advice to the Project Team and Project Board on the detailed design of ITLR, including the Evaluation Framework, Review Method, support for people involved in ITLR, and the analytical outputs of the review.

Project Team

The Project Team is made up of Education Policy and Quality staff and is responsible for collecting and collating feedback, managing the overall delivery of ITLR, and coordinating the contribution of various stakeholders.

Theme Convenors

Theme Convenors are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate bodies are brought together to workshop and collaborate on the thematic elements of ITLR.

Review Sponsors

The Review Sponsors are senior University leaders with experience of quality review activities (or similar methodologies) and knowledge of the University's education policy and quality expectations.