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Regulations Guidelines and Information Related to Student Life


This page provides information and links to regulations, ordinances, guidelines and policies that govern matters relating to student life at Warwick such as accommodation, the library, scholarships, the Students' Union and welfare. In addition there is also information about resources available to you as a student to support and help you during your time at Warwick.

Support and Services

As well as the regulations, policies and help and guidance detailed in the below table relating to student life at the University of Warwick, the University is is also committed to providing a supportive and positive environment for all members of its community. However, we recognise that there will be times in everybody's University life when things do not go as well as they would wish. In times like these, there is a comprehensive support and welfare structure available to help with all kinds of different problems. A full list and links to the services and support provided by the University is available at:

The Students' Union Advice Centre

The Students' Union Advice Centre provides a free, confidential and impartial and non-judgemental service for all students at the University of Warwick, independent of the University. They are able to advise and provide help and guidance on all aspects University Life, including; academic matters; housing; consumer rights information; health; employment; disciplinary proceedings; money; crime; and provide guidance on the University complaints procedure.

Student-Staff Liaison Committees

SSLCs are committees made up of elected student representatives, also known as Course Reps, and members of staff, also known as Academic Conveners. They are student led and provide an area for students and staff to discuss ideas and solve problems connected with teaching, learning and student support. SSLCs allow students to have a say on their course, their department, and their resources and is a great way to input into your university They also provide an opportunity for the department to consult with students and receive feedback on new proposals. For more information, and how to get involved, please click the above link.

Regulations and Ordinances


Help and Guidance

Regulation relating to student disciplinary offences and student misconduct, including general principles and definitions of major and minor offences-


    Regulation relating to Libraries, including general library regulations, membership, borrowing of items, conduct, legal and licence compliance and fines- thin includes the Central Library, The Michael Loveitt Biomedical Library, the Department of Mathematics Library, The Learning Grid, and any other facility managed by the librarian on behalf of the University-


    Regulations relating to University of Warwick Libraries should also be read in conjunction with rules and guidance issued by each library;

    Regulation relating to residential accommodation, including general accommodation, allocation of rooms, periods of residence,changing rooms and transfers, leaving University accommodation,use of rooms, visitors, parties in halls of residence, pets, vehicles, door locks, infectious and contagious diseases, damage, and discipline in halls of residence-

    Regulation 27 should also be read alongside the following handbooks and policies issued by Warwick Accommodation;

    Some other guidance and information that will be of interest and help in relation to accommodation can be found online here;

    Health and safety in the University.

    The Health, Safety and Wellbeing pages provide a range of guidance and information on all matters relating to Health, Safety and wellbeing, including;

    Regulation relating to the payment of annual fees, residential charges and other debts


    The Student Funding Team are also available to advice and support you with financial queries or concerns you may have.

    Regulation relating to the award and tenure of scholarships, including the University of Warwick Music Scholarships, Warwick Choral Trust Organ Scholarship and the All Saints' Church, Leamington Spa Organ Scholarship-


    Should you be offered and accept a Scholarship for your study at the University of Warwick, you should be provided with a contract, or agreement of terms under which you accept the scholarship. You should ensure that you read through this information carefully before accepting the Scholarship.