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Meet the Team

The Chaplaincy team at The University of Warwick comprises five Chaplains, and a Chaplaincy Co-ordinator.

The Chaplains are drawn from their different faith groups, but work closely together to serve those of all faiths and of none. You are welcome to contact whichever Chaplain you like, irrespective of your own faith background or tradition.

The Chaplains work together under a multi-faith agreement which can be accessed here: (PDF Document)

The Chaplains have their own specialised areas of work but also share a common role description, which can be accessed here: (PDF Document)

For more information about them and their contact details, click on their photos below or contact the Chaplaincy office on 02476 523 519 /


Rabbi Fishel Cohen 

Fishel Cohen


Fr Harry Curtis 

Fr Harry Curtis

Free Church


Rev KAte Pearson

 Kate Pearson


Shaykh Imran Suleman

Shaykh Imran