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Reviewing Study Skills

You may find this review helpful to reflect on your last academic year.

How did I do?

  • Coursework marks – were these as expected?
  • Examination marks – were these as expected?
  • Overall grade – how does this compare to last year/previous years/previous degree level study (PGs)? Was the result what I expected? If not, do I know why?

What study skills strategies worked for me?

What areas do I still need help with?

Looking ahead to my next academic year

Perhaps I should……

  • Revisit module choices and identify any new study skills areas that I need to investigate
  • Consider the specific requirements of other course modules in case my ‘first choices’ don’t happen!

Before the vacation period

Do I need to address any issues from this year? Maybe I need to….

  • See if there’s any gaps in my subject/topic knowledge – I might need to speak to my tutors or other academic staff before term ends to understand certain concepts or theories. Maybe I need help with finding additional resources within my subject area?
  • Are my notes complete or do I need help filling any gaps? Who do I need to see to help me with this?

Have I got outstanding work to do over the vacation period?

Do I have any ongoing assignments or preparation for resits? If so:

  • I need to make sure that I’ve taken out any books I’m going to need from the library
  • Have I got all the notes and any other information that I need, such as deadline dates/resit dates etc./contact details for academics/others if necessary?
  • Am I able to create a flexible time management plan which works with my preferred ways of working and learning so that I can realistically achieve all my goals/action points? Do I need help with this? If so, who do I need to ask?


……..AND BREATHE ……… Remember to also make time for rest and relaxation as this is crucial to you returning to university mentally and physically well prepared for the year ahead! Now…..ENJOY YOUR WELL-EARNED BREAK!!!!

Sue Walter: SpLD/Specialist Study Support Coordinator: July 2018