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Carers Staff Network

The University recognises the power of Staff Networks, these groups provide an opportunity for staff to connect, socialise, support one another, and discuss issues of relevance to their communities.

Staff Networks are run by and for the members, with administrative support from the ED&I team. We aim for each Staff Network to be led by a Chair, the key intention behind this role being to embed ownership of the Network within the membership and take a lead on the development of the Network. The Carers Staff Network doesn't currently have a Chair, if you would be interested in this role, contact us and let us know. For more information, see the Staff Network Chair/Co-Chair Role Description .

If you are interested in learning more about the Carers Staff Network and can't find what you need here, contact us and let us know.


Get Involved

Caring for somebody can be an extremely demanding and tiring responsibility, sometimes talking to someone in a similar situation might help. The network will provide a safe environment for you to meet with others and an opportunity to discuss issues that you may be facing or just take some 'time out' from your responsibilities.


Meeting Dates

We have arranged meetings for us to provide an update from ED&I. The dates/times for these update meetings during academic year 2019/20 are as follows:


Buddy Scheme

Sign up to be a Buddy, or request to be assigned a Buddy by completing the Buddy Scheme form here.

The aim of the scheme is to:

  • Ensure new members of staff do not have the daunting experience of signing up to a Network and then having to arrive to meetings/events unaccompanied.
  • Enable new members of staff or existing staff who may not be ‘out’ as a carer at work to have an opportunity to meet other members of the Network outside of meetings.
  • Provide members of staff with someone to talk to and/or accompany to network meetings/events.


Sources of Information and Support

You may also be interested in:

Training, Guidance, and Resources

Initiatives - including our booklet The Most Important Things People Want You To Know About Disability & Caring


Conference Support Awards (funding awards to cover the costs of childcare or caring for those attending conferences)