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Faculty of Arts Building Lifts and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans

Estates are aware of reports relating to the lifts in the Faculty of Arts Building and are liaising with contractors. We will provide updates when we can. Lifts may have to be taken out of service at short notice to allow any works to take place. We will endeavour to erect signage where possible.

If anyone in the building requires assistance, please contact the Community Safety Team on 02476522083.

Please prioritise the lift for those unable to use the stairs. Please use the stairs if you can. Remember that not every disability is visible.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans

The University of Warwick actively encourages all staff and students with a disability to make themselves known and are encouraged to complete an independent assessment, which will determine the level of assistance which may be required for safe evacuation of a building in an emergency.

If you feel that you need a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) the Independent Assessment ToolLink opens in a new window will help the University identify the appropriate emergency response requirements and the assistance you may require.