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Campus Walks: Warwickshire Walk

A local field Near Scarman House

The walk starts across the road from the Gatehouse and follows the perimeter hedge behind Scarman House, skirting Lakeside Residences before reaching Whitefield Coppice. Continue alongside the wood towards the playing fields, where the walk crosses the public footpath which bisects the playing fields and follows Canley Brook back to Gibbet Hill Road.

There are a number of routes which can shorten the walk. To extend the walk onto Cryfield Grange Farm, follow the public footpath (just mentioned) over the footbridge and continue across Cryfield Grange Road towards Kenilworth.

The path goes through a meadow (not University land) and continues to our boundary. Turn right here and with the hedge on your left, follow it to the bridleway. Turn right, and walk between the fences until you reach the road again, turn right again and walk to where you previously crossed this road and turn left to get back onto the playing fields.

Parts of the walk provide glimpses of a past rural Warwickshire of copses, small fields and hedges with numerous hedgerow trees. Hedgerow removal in the 50s and 60s, linked to agriculture intensification degraded this landscape.

The University plans to preserve and, where possible, to recreate this rural "Arden" landscape by extensive hedge and tree planting.

New lakes have been dug and management of these and the streams is creating new wildlife habitats. Brown trout have been found in the Canley Brook and kingfishers visit in winter, when streams in more rural areas are frozen.