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Environmental Management Group

Overall responsibility for management of EMG in all aspects including reporting, communications, co-ordination across activities, auditing and training. EMG contribute to continual improvement and overall environmental performance with other university groups such as Environment Sustainability & Social Action Group (ESSAG) and Estates Senior Leadership Team (SLT). EMG ensure appropriate forums exist (and are used) for discussion, debate and effective management of environmental issues in its area of responsibility.

Manage and monitor environmental performance against set objectives and targets. Propose and ensure agreement to objectives and targets through appropriate formal and informal discussions with staff and management.

Adequate time will be allocated to discuss each part of the Agenda, the time may vary depending upon business requirements

EMG contribute to monitoring and delivery of the following university targets available via the link: Environmental Targets | University of Warwick

· Carbon Emissions and Discharges

· Waste Management

· Water

· Travel and Transport

· Sustainable Procurement

· Biodiversity

· Community Involvement


Membership of the Group will comprise representatives with a direct interest in environmental performance.

Meetings will take place at an appropriate frequency (not less than 5 meetings per year)

The current members of the Environmental Management Group are:

Chair, Head of Sustainable Campus Operations

Deputy Chair, Head of Transport Systems & Operations

Minutes - Administrative Assistant

Head of Assurance and Risk and Property/Assurance and Risk Officer(s)
Waste & Recycling Manager (Facilities)
Maintenance Programme Manager
Senior Property Manager (Warwick Accommodation, Staff & Family)
Projects Manager (Warwick Accommodation)
Training Quality and Recruitment Manager (Cleaning Services)
Food & Beverage Service Manager/Warwick Conferences (CCSG Representative)

Sustainability Champion (Procurement/Finance and Biodiversity and Ecology)

Head of Procurement & Supply Chain

Estates Zone Manager (s)

Estates Manager - University of Warwick Innovation Campus, Stratford upon Avon

Senior Project Manager (Estates)

Note: In the event of the designated member not being able to attend they must send a representative where possible