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Estates Health & Safety: Our 5 key objectives

Respect yourself and everyone around you.

“Nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely.”

Estates Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategic Objectives 2018

  1. Risks: Ensure that Risk Assessments are in place for work activities with significant risk and that these Risk Assessments are reviewed at least annually, following any related incidents/near misses or when any significant changes to processes or activities are to be made. 100% by Dec 2018
  2. Safe Systems of Work: Ensure that where risk cannot be completely managed through the use of engineering controls alone that safe systems of work are documented, communicated , implemented and complied with across Estates through the use of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Tool Box Talks (TBTs). 100% by Dec 2018
  3. Audit and Assurance: Ensure that actions identified through proactive monitoring of contractors and Estates Staff by line managers, project managers, clerk of works and supervisors (inspections, tours, audits etc.) are closed out within agreed timescales. 100%
  4. Investigate: Ensure that actions identified through the investigation of accidents, incidents, near misses, ill-health etc. are closed out within agreed timescales. 90%
  5. Training: Ensure that all mandatory Health and Safety training (as identified within the University Leadership and Management of Health and Safety and Estates L&D training plan) is attended and delivered. 90% By Dec 2018