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Fire Doors Check Sheet

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Has the fire door got a BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door Scheme label on the top edge
If not can you confirm that the door is in fact a fire door and has been certificated as such
Yes No N/A
Does the door leaf sit against the door stop and is it free of distortion
If the door is veneered or lipped is the glue still holding these products firmly in place
Is the door free from damage including dents and holes
Can the door gap be adjusted / packed
Does the door require re-lipping
Yes No N/A
Is the door frame firmly attached to the wall
If a planted door stop is present is it firmly attached
Is the frame to door leaf gap consistently 3mm
Yes No N/A
Are Intumescent seals in place
Are the seals well attached inside the frame and door leaf
Are the seals free from damage
If you have a brush or fin type seal is it free from damage or breakage
If fitted are the smoke and acoustic seals continuous around the frame or door leaf
Yes No N/A
Is there a minimum of 3 hinges with all the screws fitted
Are all the screws the correct size
Are the hinges free of metal fragments and oil leakage which are signs of wear
Are the hinges free from packing
Yes No N/A
Open the door to 5 degrees or 75mm. Does it close and engage with the latch
Is the closer correctly attached to the door and frame
Is the closer free from damage and not leaking
If unlatched does the closer hold the door in line with the frame and intumescent seal
If hung in pairs do they close in line if both opened and released together
Yes No N/A
Does the hold open device release the door when required
Yes No N/A
Does the latch hold the door firmly in place without rattling
Yes No N/A
Is the Intumescent seal continuous and attached to the glass and bead
Are the glazing beads well attached to the frame and free from damage
Is the glass free from damage and cracking
If the glass has been replaced is it fire rated glass
If glazing panels are below 1500mm from bottom of door is the glass safety glass
Yes No N/A
Is there a consistent gap under the door that allows it to swing without touching the floor covering
Is the door to floor covering gap consistently 10mm (3mm if smoke seals are fitted) or less when the door is closed

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