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How can I order an item?

Using your ‘on-campus address’Link opens in a new window will ensure your item is delivered to the University Sorting OfficeLink opens in a new window; the courier company should send you an email when it arrives. Once our staff are happy the parcel belongs to an on-campus resident it will be processed into our ‘Parcel Notification System’ otherwise, it will be returned to sender. Once sorted the item will be transferred to your local ‘Parcel Collection Point’Link opens in a new window, it’s only at this point you’ll receive an email from the University informing you your parcel is ready to collect, please don’t attempt collection before this. It’s important to distinguish between the delivery email notification from your courier and the one you’ll receive from the University. See our FAQ'sLink opens in a new window to help you avoid some of the pitfalls when ordering.

When ordering from Amazon, instead of having your item delivered to your ‘Parcel Collection Point’Link opens in a new window, you can select an Amazon lockerLink opens in a new window, you can then collect your package at a time that suits you. When your package arrives at the locker, an email notification is sent with a unique pick-up code. The email also includes the address for the locker, you can also find the code in the tracking information for your order. When you arrive to collect your package, enter your pick-up code or scan the barcode and follow the on-screen instructions. If you don't collect your item within within three days, Amazon will remove it from the locker and give you a refund. For more information on accessibility for Lockers, see Accessibility for Amazon Locker.Link opens in a new window

Some businesses offer Royal Mail 'Local Collect'Link opens in a new window as a delivery option when you order items. If you chose this option your item will be delivered to your Post Office of choosing. If you live on-campus your local Post Office would be either Rootes Grocery Post Office CV4 7EQLink opens in a new window or Cannon Park Post office CV4 7EHLink opens in a new window. Royal Mail will send an SMS/email notification when your parcel is ready to collect.