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Furniture & Interior Design

About us

The Interior Design, Furniture and Equipment team are responsible for the furniture in all University academic, staff and student buildings. You can order new furniture through us, use our Warwick Swap service to post and request used departmental furniture, or ask us to dispose of old furniture.

Order furniture

Ordering standard furniture

Our online standard furniture ordering service is available to all departments.

Requesting used furniture

If you'd like to see what used furniture other departments are offering for free, Warwick Swap is there for you to look at. If you have re-useable University furniture that others could potentially give a new home to, please post it here.

Disposing of furniture

We have a system in place with the aim of making sure that as much furniture as possible is reused, reducing Warwick's carbon footprint and cutting departmental furniture costs.

Space Planning & Non-standard Furniture Requests

Submit details of any non-standard furniture requests, space planning, refurbishments, blind and carpet repairs/replacement requests through our online form:

Electrical waste disposal

If you need to dispose of old electical items, please look at our electrical waste disposal guidance to see how to safely dispose of your old appliances: