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De Courcey Buses: University Travel Card

University staff who receive a monthly salary can buy a University Travel Card, valid on many Travel de Courcey services. There are other salary deduction travel card options for University staff detailed on the Payroll website.

Cost and payment

The cost is set at two levels based on pay grade as follows:

Grades 1 to 5: £12.50 per month
Grades 6 to 9: £16.67 per month

Deductions for the University Travel Card are taken from your salary every month in arrears, with the first deduction taken the month after the application is received by Payroll. Salary deductions for the Travel Card will be continuous until you cancel the card.


Apply for a Travel de Courcey Card online

After applying

When you've completed your application, please allow up to 10 working days to receive the Travel Card which you can then use immediately. In between submitting an application and receiving the Travel Card, you can travel on the University Bus Services by showing your University ID Card and paying the subsidised single, return or multi-journey fare rates.

It is important that you read the terms and conditions on the reverse of the Travel Card which the holder must present to the driver when boarding any of the University bus services operated by Travel De Courcey.

Services covered

The Travel Card is valid on Travel de Courcey services W1, W3-11 and 43W. The University Travel Card is not valid on the W2 (previously UW2) bus service to Wellesbourne Campus or the 43 service.

For more information on the services covered, please see the Travel de Courcey website:


To cancel your Travel Card, email, and return the Travel Card to the Graham Hine, Transport Manager, Estates Office. Salary deductions for the Travel Card will be calculated up to the date the Travel Card is received by the Transport Manager.