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CCSG Finance

The CCSG Finance section provides financial advice and support to the Campus and Commercial Services Group (CCSG). Each business within CCSG has a dedicated Finance Manager who acts as the main point of contact between the Group and the Finance Office. The role of Finance Manager includes:

  • To offer advice and support in drawing up budgets and accounts as required during the year, and in using SAP to meet the needs of the business and the University's reporting requirements
  • To act as a source of advice for the business on budgeting and financial planning, and any submissions to CCSG Executive and Steering Group or other bodies
  • To meet regularly with the business directors/managers to analyse and help solve financial issues
  • To act as a route for communication on financial matters between the Finance Office and CCSG, and as a point of referral for other assistance available within the Finance Office.
  • To advise and train relevant staff within CCSG on financial matters

 CCSG Finance Staff organisation chart