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Group Accounting Team


The Group Accounting Team is responsible for:

  • the University group's Financial Statements and HESA/HEFCE financial returns
  • preparing the University's quarterly management accounts, including consolidating, reviewing and advising on quarterly management accounts and revised forecasts, and preparing papers for Budget Steering Group meetings.
  • controlling the five-year planning process, including consolidating, reviewing and commenting on individual department and University wide five-year plans
  • preparing and reviewing all Group information reported to external reporting bodies, e.g. HESA, HEFCE.
  • managing and maintaing the reporting structures with regard to both internal and external reporting.
  • ad hoc modelling of financial scenarios as required
  • calculating central service charges for departments.
  • managing of the University's fixed asset register.
  • TRAC returns, all costing information and calculation of central service charges for departments.
  • Plan for the University which summarises all the budgets for individual activities

In addition, the Group Accounting Team provides support and advice with regard to coding structures and code creation, standard SAP reporting formats, internal trading and budgetary processes. The Group Accounting Team also supports Senior Management by monitoring the University's overall financial position, and provides accurate and timely financial analysis, projections, and recommendations as part of the process of developing the University's strategic financial plan.

Group Accounting Staff

 Group Accounting Team


The team uses a shared e-mail account ( for dealing with team-wide issues and produces a variety of Group Accounting Team (GAT) Resources intended to increase understanding of the University's processes.