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ITIL Management Service

We provide governance and support to other IT Services teams in the provision of quality IT services via continual service improvement. We support the following ITIL processes (a breakdown of services is described below each process):

Incident management

A process to ensure that any reported disruptions to the service ITS provides to the University or external customers is recorded and resolved with the aim of restoring service as quickly as possible.

A good analogy to use from daily life is to consider an important car journey which you must complete by a certain time, but unfortunately your car tyre has a slow puncture. It's not possible to replace the tyre in the time you have remaining. However, you can reinflate the tyre, thereby restoring service to the car, so you can continue your journey and reach your destination!

  • Definition and management of the departmental incident management process.
  • Coordination of daily service reviews with the IT Services Help Desk and selected service owners.
  • Publication of daily service review minutes to IT staff.

Problem management

A process to ensure that the underlying cause of incident(s) is investigated and permanent fixes are applied to prevent reoccurrence. Continuing the car analogy, the permanent fix to repeated slow puncture incidents is to replace the tyre!

  • Definition and management of the departmental problem management process.
  • Management of identification of centrally coordinated problem work-rounds and root cause investigation.
  • Publication of problem management metrics.

Change management

A process to ensure that any changes to a service ITS provides to the University and external customers is planned, tested and where necessary, if the service needs to be made unavailable for the change to take place, negotiated and communicated to those customers.

Following the car analogy again, the change is to implement the permanent fix (i.e. replace the tyre), negotiate with your family as to the best time to take the car to the garage, and tell them the final date and time!

  • Definition and management of the departmental change management process.
  • Ensuring all non-low level, low impact changes are raised and implemented to the standard notification timeframes documented within the change management process.
  • Ensure any risks to the University from proposed changes are identified and minimised prior to implementation.
  • Publication of weekly CAB (Change Advisory Board) reports and monthly metrics highlighting departmental performance.

Major incident management

A process to ensure that any unplanned IT service outage that has high visibility or high impact on the business operation of the University is managed and coordinated by a dedicated team until full service is restored.

  • Definition and management of the departmental major incident management process.
  • Provision of major incident manager support as detailed in the major incident rota to coordinate response to incidents or events which pose a significant risk and impact to the University.
  • Ensure the course of events and decisions made are recorded during the life of the major incident.
  • Lead the post-major incident review process.

Configuration management

A process to ensure that details of all infrastructure components which underpin the service ITS provides are recorded and managed through their life cycle.

  • Definition of attributes to be captured and monitored through configuration management.
  • Provision and maintenance of a CMDB (configuration management database) covering server infrastructure and software licensing within supported ITS environments.
  • Auditing and reporting of hardware within supported ITS environments.

Service continuity management

A process to ensure that documented plans are available to recover key IT services in case of a major loss of hardware or software.

  • Production and maintenance of the ITS service continuity plan.
  • Provide support to service owners in the production of detailed service restore procedures.
  • Publication of audit reports showing RAG (red/amber/green) status of document production and maintenance.

Annual University events

A process to ensure that the activities required from IT Services to underpin annual University events are understood and handled through a central point.

  • Liaison with the business contact to document all their IT requirements.
  • Provide status updates to the contact while provision is being made and act as an escalation point while the event takes place.
  • Liaison with IT service owner(s) to document event plans containing the actions required of IT Services to underpin the event.
  • Management of the event plan to ensure all actions are implemented.
  • Maintenance of an intranet page detailing the various events, business requirements and associated event plans.

Service management metrics

  • Definition of departmental metrics for reporting on the success of each service.