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How do I expire the link in a file download invitation?

When you send a file download invitation, the recipient has seven days to download the file via the link in the notificaton. After this, the recipient can still access the file if they have a Files.Warwick file space.

However, you can expire the download link sooner. Maybe you've sent a link to the wrong file or invited the wrong person. With Files.Warwick, you send a link, not the file itself. You can tell if the recipient has already downloaded the file and expire the link, if necessary.

  1. Browse to the file space from which you sent the download invitation.
  2. Select Sent files at the left-hand side.
  3. Locate the file you wish to expire in the list of file download invitations you've sent.
  4. In the Expiry date column, select Expire now:

    List of file download invitations

  5. The download link immediately ceases to work. If you've sent the file to more than one person, you'll see a row for each person. You can expire the download link for one person or everyone. If you've sent a file to a web group, the download link will expire for all group members.