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What is the difference between a personal and group file space?

All students and staff can have a personal file space in Files.Warwick. You can use these to store files and share them with others. Your personal file space is created automatically when you first visit

Group file spaces are ideal for collaborative or group projects where you need to store common project documents or research data for access by group members, including members external to Warwick. We recommend using a group space for collaborative projects because you can:

  • choose your own custom URL e.g.
  • hand over the entire file space to another administrator, say, if you leave a group or project

Unlike personal file spaces, you need to request a group file space from IT Services.

Feature Personal file space Group file space
Create a file space Created automatically for any Warwick member when you first visit Request from IT Services
File space URL Generated automatically based on your name You can request your own custom URL (subject to approval)
Change the file space URL No Request from IT Services
Share files with Warwick members Yes Yes
Share files with web groups Yes Yes
Share files with external users Yes Yes
Share files with any email address Yes Yes
Add a file space administrator Yes Yes
Remove a file space administrator Yes Yes
Default storage quota 2 GB 2 GB
Increase storage quota Request from IT Services Request from IT Services
Maximum file size 4.5 GB 4.5 GB
Upload and download via HTTPS Yes Yes
File encryption No No
Transfer files via SFTP No No

Phasing out of Files.Warwick

  • Files.Warwick no longer receives regular updates and we plan to phase it out over time.
  • There is no date set for this yet - we will provide plenty of notice.
  • Support and guidance will be available

    in the coming months for your transition to one of the options below.

To store and share files safely and securely, we recommend you use one of the University's approved alternatives:

As in Files.Warwick, both of these platforms enable you to share files with people external to the University, if necessary.