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How do I share a file or folder?

You can share files or folders with others so they can carry out particular actions:

  • View – view files or folders at a particular URL.
  • Change – allow others to upload files, change or delete files and folders, and create new folders.
  • Manage – allow others to change the sharing permissions on files or folders.

Note: If someone is not able to at least view the containing folder of a file, they will only have View permission for that file – even if you grant them Change or Manage permission.

The following table shows which permissions you can assign to different audiences:

Audience View Change Manage
Anyone, even if they are not signed in Yes No No
Any Warwick staff Yes No No
Any Warwick student Yes No No
A Warwick person Yes Yes Yes
An external user Yes Yes Yes
A web group Yes Yes Yes
  1. Go to and ensure you're signed in.
  2. Browse to the relevant file space.

    Important: if you create a new folder within one that is shared, the new folder and any files you add to it are also shared. The permissions you apply when you share a folder are also applied to all folders within it. To check permissions, select a folder or a file (via the checkbox next to it), then select Share in the menu. You see the current View, Change and Manage permissions on the right of the box that pops up. Select the red cross next to any of these permissions to remove them.

  3. If you want to share an entire folder, select the folder at the left-hand side and then skip to step 5:

    Select folder at left-hand side

  4. To share a file, browse to its containing folder and select the file using the checkbox at the left of the file name:

    Select file to share

  5. Select Share in the menu bar.
  6. Decide who to share the file with and select the relevant audience using the radio buttons:
    • Anyone, even if they are not signed in
    • Any Warwick staff
    • Any Warwick students
    • A Warwick person (select this option if you intend to share with an external user)
    • A Warwick WebGroup
  7. If you selected A Warwick person or A Warwick WebGroup in the previous step, start typing the name in the text box. (For an external user, paste their usercode in the text box.)

    Share files screen

  8. Use the Send an email checkbox to specify whether or not you wish to send an email to notify recipients that they can now access the file.
  9. Use the radio buttons to specify whether recipients can view, change (e.g. upload, edit and delete), or manage a file (grant sharing permissions to others).
  10. Select Share.

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Phasing out of Files.Warwick

  • Files.Warwick no longer receives regular updates and we plan to phase it out over time.
  • There is no date set for this yet - we will provide plenty of notice.
  • Support and guidance will be available

    in the coming months for your transition to one of the options below.

To store and share files safely and securely, we recommend you use one of the University's approved alternatives:

As in Files.Warwick, both of these platforms enable you to share files with people external to the University, if necessary.