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How do I keep a news item at the top of the list?

Certain news stories need to have more prominence than others and pinning a news story means you can keep this at the top of the news page for as long as needed.

When you create a new item, it is automatically added to the top of the list, as this how news lists generally work with the latest short-lived news at the top and therefore the item that is usually read first but then this is quickly replaced by the next piece of news.

There may be times, however, when you want to keep something at the top for a little longer or to give certain news stories more prominence.

You can now pin a news item to make it stay at the top for longer.

This can be done when you create a new news story or can be added retrospectively to an older news item:

  1. Go to your news page.
  2. Select Create a new item or Edit this item (if an existing news story).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Check the box to Pin news item above all other news items.
  5. If a new item, select the Create the news item or Save the changes if an existing item.

    Pin news item screenshot

When you publish the news item you will see that it is now at the top of the list and has an extra tag (Pinned), before the Edit item link.

You can only pin as many items as you like - with the most recently published item displayed at the top. All the pinned items will be displayed first. However, it somewhat defeats the object if you pin all the items!

When you no longer require the item to be so prominent, then uncheck the box to remove the pin and the item will drop back down to the date it was published. If there are no more pins in place, the next published item will appear at the top of the list as normal.


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