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How can people post comments on my pages?

This page covers how to enable commenting on pages in SiteBuilder, set permissions for who can comment and how to receive notifications of new comments.

In this article:

Enable commenting

  1. Browse to the page where to wish to on which you wish to enable commenting.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit page properties.
  3. Click on the Advanced properties section to expand it.
  4. Select Allow page comments.
  5. Choose the level of moderation you require:

    • No comment moderation – visitors' comments appear on your page immediately.
    • Moderate comments by anonymous users – review comments by anyone not signed in to the Warwick website before they appear on your page.
    • Moderate all comments – by any visitor, whether they are signed in or not.


    If you intend to allow comments from anyone, including people who are not signed in, we recommend you use moderation to prevent spam comments appearing on your page.

    When a comments requires moderation, the page contact receives an email notification.

  6. Click the Save changes button

Commenting permissions

By default, permission to comment is the same as the page's view permissions – or, when the page is in the public domain, any signed-in Warwick member.

To edit permission to comment:

  1. Go to Edit > Edit page permissions.
  2. In the Add permissions section, select the group or person you want to give commenting permission to.
  3. Select the Commenting radio button.
  4. Click the appropriate button to add permission:

  5. You now see the group or person listed under Current permissions > Commenting permissions:

    Edit permission screen

  6. When you have finished editing permissions, click the Done button at the top right.

Email notifications of new comments

When you post a comment yourself, you have the option to receive an email when anyone else comments:

Post a comment screen

If you want to receive notifications without first commenting yourself:

  1. Select Notify in the utility links at the top of the page.
  2. On the Notification setup screen, select the checkbox when a comment is posted:

    Notification setup screen

  3. If you have many pages on your sites with commenting enabled, you can receive notification of all new comments. Browse to the topmost page (e.g. your home page), select Notify and, on the Notification setup screen, select the radio button to this page and any sub-pages.
  4. Select the Save notification button.
  5. To stop receiving comments, return to the Notification setup screen and unselect the checkbox when a comment is posted.


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