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Access to the Economist

To get access to eResource articles from the Economist on then please register for an account using your Warwick email address. You can register by completing the form the following link (Register for an account or follow the directions below:

1. To register, please select the login option

Screen shot of the website Arrow points to Log in option

2. Select Register now option to create an account

Log in screen to for the Arrow points to register now

3. Then complete the credentials on the form but make sure that you register using your Warwick email address (

Registration form for registering with the

4. To complete registration, just verify your email address by following the instructions from the verification email.

Verification email from the

Access to the should then be unlimited and access to the eResource which includes the following:

  • The app and—distinctively distilled analysis
  • Digital newsletters—curated topical opinion
  • Audio version & podcasts—immersive listening
  • The digital archive—all our content since 1997
  • Webinars and conferences—intelligent debate and informed analysis
  • Flagship franchises—The World in and 1843 magazine

Problems with registering and Workarounds

Some people are getting notifications that they are not able to access more than three articles. If this is the case then there will have been a problem with the verification process. Usually, it is because the Warwick email address has been registered prior to our subscription. To resolve this issue, please contact the for support. They will normally have to clear any previous registration so that a new account can be created (just be aware that this will mean that all saved material will be lost):

Economist Support details

Alternatively, and as a workaround you can also register the account with your alias email address. Therefore, either format should work:

Just be aware that the following format will not work:

Aggregated access to articles from the Economist can be found from our catalogue:

Classic Catalogue Record | The Economist

Library Search | The Economist