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Online Access to the Financial Times (

Access to the Financial Times

Access directly to is now setup. We will require some updates to take place before links are viewable from the catalogue. This might take a few days to implement as it requires a number of systems to get updated.

Register for Access

Users can access right away to However, it does requires registration first. Please use the following link to register for access: Warwick users FT registrationLink opens in a new window

As part of the registration process an agreement form will come up and then there will be a personal details form to complete.

This is how the experience should look like when signing in: FT Sign in experience for users

As access is setup via SSO using your Warwick credentials, no additional account password will be created. Therefore, access to will require using the link from the title of this post (Access to the Financial Times).

App Access

There are issues that have been experienced by some users when signing in to some of the apps.

At the moment the Main FT app does not seem to be displaying an option to recognise Warwick users. It is only displaying the option to sign in via personal individual account. However, the FT Digital Editions version is working. This app provides access to print versions of the FT in a digital format.

Any updates will be added to this post as we progress with resolving teething problems with our access. If you are not able to access at all then please report any issues to with as much clear information as possible so that we can investigate. There is also a FAQ page on the FT website for users of our access route: SSO access to FAQLink opens in a new window