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24 Hour opening returns

We are pleased to announce that our main Library building will soon be open 24 hours a day; from 8:30am on 10th January 2022.

Why is the Library changing to 24 hour opening?

The Library will be changing to 24 hour opening in response to student demand. We hope the change will help students who wish to study later with an appropriate environment to do so. This should help students to better separate their study and personal environments to create a better study-life balance. It will also help students whose homes are not suitable for studying and those who need to access resources and facilities after midnight.

What will the Library service be after midnight?

The main Library will be open during this time, providing access to resources and any self-service facilities including scanners and printers, book issue and book return machines. Staff will be on duty throughout the night to offer basic assistance if required. For more complex enquiries, we recommend that you speak to a member of customer support between 08:30am-21:30pm, or email Email enquiries will also be answered during office hours.

Will any other Library spaces be open after midnight?

Only the main Library will be open changing to 24 hour opening. The Learning Grids and the PG Hub spaces will not be affected by this change and their opening hours will stay the same. Check for details of opening hours.

When will the Wolfson Research Exchange be open?

The Wolfson Research Exchange is open the same hours as the main Library, meaning that it too will be changing to 24 hour opening.

Will the Library Cafés be open too?

No, the Library cafés will not be open overnight. We therefore recommend that you come prepared and bring enough food and drink for however long you plan to stay. The water dispensers will still be in operation so you will have access to water. The vending machines will also be available for snacks and hot drinks.

What do I need for my visit to the Library?

You will need to bring your student card to gain access to the Library. We recommend that you plan your visit well and bring items that you may need, such as cold food, spare change for the bus, warm clothes and your phone charger. Make sure you are aware of bus times if you live off campus. We also advise that you let someone know where you will be and your travel plans.

How can I get to and from the Library?

You will need to arrange your own transport to and from the Library, and be aware of what services are running through the night.

Mon 20 Dec 2021, 14:52

Student takeover!

We’ve recruited a student newsletter team. They’ll be bringing you twice termly newsletters via a takeover of the Warwick Student newsletter and we’ll be posting some of the content in this Library news feed. Select the ‘takeover’ tag to filter student content.