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Assistive technology area

Assistive Technology is now available on Floors 3, 4 and 5. As these floors will also close for periods during the summer vacation for essential maintenance works, then additional provision has been set-up in Rootes Learning Grid. See refurbishment works and calendar for more information on closure of the main Library floors.

Where possible a height adjustable table is available and includes a computer with a 24 inch double monitor. The computers are loaded with a variety of Assistive software including:

Please see individual bays for specific software packages.

  Please note: students not using the software or equipment in this area may be asked to move if another student requires access. The desks do have priority stickers but if you are uncomfortable approaching other students, staff will intervene on your behalf.

Our computers within the Accessible Study Rooms also have assistive software available.

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We need your feedback!

To help us understand which facilities and assistive-software packages are useful to we need your feedback! The results will help plan future developments to assist you.

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