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Safety of your personal belongings

Please keep your personal belongings secure when you are in the Library. Unfortunately, items do get stolen from students in the Library. Laptops/netbooks are highly desirable and easily taken. Additionally, if your laptop is stolen, you lose more than just a computer - you lose all the files on it.

Memory sticks

Please remember to take your memory sticks with you. These also often contain a lot of your work and a lot of personal information.


  1. Write a note to remind you to remove your memory stick as you leave a PC
  2. Rename your memory stick with your initials and Warwick ID (right click and rename)
  3. Set an alarm on your mobile phone

Laptop/Netbook security

The best possible advice for laptop security is: "do not leave your laptop/netbook unattended". It's also a good idea to back up your files on the network, particularly the most important ones.

If you do leave your laptop/netbook unattended, then using a security cable is an inexpensive way of ensuring your laptop stays where you left it. You can buy laptop security cables in many shops on the high street, and from online stores.

Please note if you leave items unattended for more than 30 minutes Library staff may remove your belongings to free up the study space for other customers.

Further information on Campus Security.