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Safety of your personal belongings

Promotional logo for keeping your personal belongings safe

It only takes a moment for thieves to swoop.

Unfortunately thefts happen, even in the Library.

Last year towards the end of Term 3 and early summer vacation, it became apparent that there was an increase in the number of student laptops reported as being stolen in the Library. The best possible advice for the security of your valuables, like in all public spaces, is:

Don’t leave your valuables unattended for a moment by keeping them on you at all times.

Although the Library can feel like home, please remember it’s a public space and it is your responsibility to keep your belongings safe. Here are some of the comments people say after their valuables have been stolen:

I didn’t think it would happen to me
I just left my desk for a minute
I’ve left my stuff lots of times before and it was fine
Who would steal in the Library?


You may be seeing Crooks the magpie a lot more around the Library. This magpie is a helpful reminder to not give thieves a chance and that your valuables should be kept on you at all times.

Meet Crooks the magpie:

  • Roams campus
  • Prone to collecting shiny objects
  • Opportunist – will swoop on valuables left unattended
  • A fictional character designed to represent thieves!
Promotional magpie logo for keeping your personal belongings safe