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Teaching Grid space availability

Flexible spaces

Flexible spaces for teaching and connecting

  • Engage your students by changing the scenery
  • Flexible furniture to design the space around your activities
  • Flexible technology to augment, modify, and redefine teaching & learning
  • Rooms that allow Open-space Learning
  • Facilitate group work, performance, or student-led teaching & learning
  • Engage students’ bodies and minds
  • Book for teaching, or teaching community events

We currently only have one flexible space you can book — the Teaching Grid. A second flexible space to support and encourage co-creation is opening in 2021/22.

 Booking request

The University has removed the requirement to socially distance for Term 2 and Easter Vacation, subject to review. Therefore we will no longer have a default room layout and you should let us know in your request what furniture and layout you need.

Example Layout Room Capacity
Socially distanced 25
Cabaret 60
Seated in rows 68
No furniture 82


You are encouraged to keep windows open for airflow, where it is possible, safe and secure. This applies even in cold weather.

Planning your event

  • Please note your Covid-19 mitigations in your risk assessment — you can use the University’s overarching risk assessment. These do not need to be shared with the Library, but please contact us if you have any questions — teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • You should also think about the type of activity you’re organising, as lively activities will have greater risks and need more consideration than events requiring attendees to remain seated
  • Warwick Food and Drink will deliver to events through the usual booking process

The purpose of the Teaching Grid is to facilitate the development of teaching and co-creation at the University, and as such we ask that sessions meet the following criteria:

Customer Terms 1 and 2 Term 3 Vacations
Academics Can request bookings for sessions that will involve students as learners or partners.
Teaching partners:
  • Academic Development Centre
  • Academic Technology Team
  • IATL
  • Warwick International Higher Education Academy
Can request bookings for sessions that are teaching and learning related, within agreed limits. Unavailable Can request bookings for teaching and learning related workshops and training events.
Other university staff Can request bookings for teaching and learning related workshops and training events.[1] Can request bookings for teaching and learning related workshops and training events.[2]
  • [1] Happening within the next 5 working days

  • [2] Bookings cannot be made more than one term in advance

    • Christmas vacation: bookings taken from the start of summer vacation
    • Easter vacation: bookings taken from the start of Christmas vacation
    • Summer vacation: bookings taken from the start of Easter vacation

Please remember: Making a booking request does not guarantee you a booking until you have had confirmation from us.

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Ceiling Maintenance Work

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Location: Co-creation Space

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Clock Operating hours

Monday to Friday, 09:00–16:00

Please note:

  • The Teaching Grid is restricted by card access. Please check in advance that your card access is working and if there are any problems, please email us at teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Please leave at least 30 minutes between your booking and existing bookings. This will allow us to have the room tidy and setup when you arrive. Longer changeover times may be required depending on setup requirements for both bookings
  • Students or visitors attending a session must be supervised by the session leader at all times while in the spaces


  • Standard presentation podium with document visualiser and wireless microphones
  • Power sockets
  • 7 projectors
  • Curtains for dividing the space
  • A range of flexible furniture
  • A range of portable technology

Please note: Teaching Grid staff do not accept responsibility for removing or transferring any data from our devices. Our devices are routinely formatted to remove any saved files.