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Teaching Grid resources

Technology to use in our Flexible Spaces

Do you want to experiment with technology to support your teaching? We provide flexible technology to use in our Flexible Spaces and we’ll support you in using it.

We have a range of equipment available. Email us at teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk to find out how it can help you and your students, or look below to find out what we have available and why you may want to use them.

Extended Classroom technologies

Have you discovered the Extended Classroom technologies supported by IT Services?

Wireless projection

Share anything from anywhere with wireless projection.

  • Anyone can contribute
  • Teach from anywhere

Wireless projection sets you free from cables and allows students to easily share their screens.

  • Project from phones, tablets, and computers
  • Project from anywhere in the space; from the podium, from your seat, or from the students
  • Allow students to share their screens with the class
  • Easily switch between different devices
  • Project multiple devices on the same screen at the same time
  • Project videos, images, a specific application, or your entire screen
  • Easily show and hide items as you need them

Wireless casting with Solstice

Wireless projection is also available via Solstice in a number of IT Services supported spaces.

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Wireless presenter

Quantity: 3

Description: Remote clicker with laser pointer for presentations.

Hyperlink Case study: Greek Culture and Society: Handling Session November 2013 - Dr Michael Scott and Dr David Fearn

Multiple projectors

Compare and contrast with multiple projectors.

  • Compare side by side
  • Surround yourself in moving colour
  • Choose the right lay-out
  • Create immersive environments

Having the choice of which projector to use, or using more than one at the same time, opens up many possibilities.

  • Choose the best location for your projection
  • Use between one and eight screens simultaneously
  • Compare and contrast, side by side
  • Create backdrops and immersive environments
  • Allow students to work in groups around different projectors


Quantity: 7

Hyperlink Case study: Modernity and Innovation in the Audio-Visual Media - Charlotte Brunsdon

Hyperlink Case study: Modernity and Innovation in the Audio-Visual Media- Session two - Charlotte Brunsdon

The Oculus

Most of the teaching rooms in The Oculus are equipped with more than one projector screen.

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