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The Co-creation Space

A flexible space for students and staff to co-create

  • Bookable by students and staff for co-creation
  • Available for drop-in outside of bookings
  • Resources available to facilitate co-creation activities
  • Flexible furniture to design the space around your activities
  • Facilitates group work and student-centred teaching & learning

 Book The Co-creation Space

Please remember: Making a booking request does not guarantee a booking until you have confirmation from us. It may take up to two working days for us to respond.

Co-creation means different things to different people.

Some definitions are that co-creation is:

…when staff and students work collaboratively with one another to create components of curricula and/or pedagogical approaches. — Bovill, C., A. Cook-Sather, P. Felten, L. Millard, and N. Moore-Cherry. 2016. ‘Addressing Potential Challenges in Co-Creating Learning and Teaching: Overcoming Resistance, Navigating Institutional Norms and Ensuring Inclusivity in Student–Staff Partnerships’. Higher Education 71(2):195–208.

…collaborative, reciprocal… through which all participants have the opportunity to contribute equally, although not necessarily in the same ways, to curricular or pedagogical conceptualization, decision making, implementation, investigation, or analysis. — Cook-Sather, A., Bovill, C., & Felten, P. 2014. Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching: A guide for faculty. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

You can learn more about co-creation on the IATL website, including funding opportunities.

We welcome bookings from students and staff. While co-creation activities will typically involve both staff and students, it is not a requirement that bookings involve both.

The purpose of The Co-creation Space is to facilitate the formal and informal co-creation activities of staff and students. We may reject booking requests for other uses or which have capacity or other practical issues.

Examples of use we envision include:

  • Scheduled teaching sessions that have a co-creation element
  • Staff/student meetings, such as SSLCs
  • Groupwork activities with a co-creation goal

Room capacity is maximum of 60, with 40 for groupwork at tables.


You are encouraged to keep windows open for airflow, where it is possible, safe and secure — even in cold weather.

Planning your event

If you are running a formal event in the spaces:

  • Please note your Covid-19 mitigations in your risk assessment — you can use the University’s overarching risk assessment. You do not need to share these with the Library, but please get in touch with us if you have any questions — teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • You should also think about the type of activity you’re organising, as lively activities will have more significant risks and need more consideration than events requiring attendees to remain seated
  • Warwick Food and Drink will deliver to events through the usual booking process


Space availability

Please note: The space will be unavailable until the end of Term 2 2024.
Bookings are not possible in Term 3 as the space is converted to quiet group study space. However you can still make bookings in advance during Term 3 for Summer vacation, for example.

Monday 20 May - Sunday 16 Jun 2024

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  • Standard presentation podium with document visualiser and wireless microphones
  • Five group work screens equipped with Solstice
  • Two whiteboard walls
  • Lego and sound dampening tablecloths
  • Sticky notes
  • Repositional whiteboard sheets
  • A range of flexible furniture
  • Power sockets

We are expanding the resources available. Please email us with suggestions for resources to facilitate co-creation, including props and stationery.

teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk

Please note:

The space entrance is open, so it is not suitable for sensitive conversations.