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Code of Conduct - all Library spaces

We endeavour to provide you with a learning environment and atmosphere that positively contributes to everyone's ability to study.

When using the Library study spaces we expect you to be considerate to others and ask for your co-operation in upholding the following guidelines.


The main Library is divided into three types of noise zone; Quiet, Collaboration and Silent.

  • Please treat all Library spaces as ‘quiet zones’ (including stairwells and bridges) unless otherwise signposted
  • Please pay attention to local signage and be conscious of the ‘zone’ you are in
  • Please be aware that on occasion, we may adjust noise zoning to accommodate the needs of the community - for example collaboration zones may be changed to quiet zones during exam season

Quiet zones

  • Keep noise to a minimum and be considerate of others
  • You may use mobile phones for silent texting only

Collaboration zones

In these zones, the use of mobile phones is allowed, and group study is permitted, so conversation is acceptable. Whilst we may move our ‘zoning’ you can usually find collaborative areas here:

  • Main Library floors 1 and 2 (not the bridge)
  • Learning Grids including Rootes, University House (LG1 & 2) and BioMed
  • Postgrad Hub
  • Research Exchange

Silent study zones

In these areas, we ask that you observe the local signage to see what level of noise is permitted. Whilst we may alter this provision from time to time, you can usually expect to find two silent study zones in the main Library building on floor 2 extension:

  • Silent Study Rooms 1 & 2 permit laptop use

Food and drink

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Hot drinks allowed
  • No alcohol
  • No hot food
  • Avoid strong smelling food that may disturb others
  • Don’t bring your own appliances (kettles, heaters or microwaves) into Library spaces


Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Leave the study space in the same condition that you would hope to find it in
  • Throw rubbish away after you
  • No live streaming or linking game consoles in any of the Library spaces
  • No filming without permission from a Library staff member
  • No sitting on the stairs
  • No distribution of society materials and/or equipment, e.g. T-shirts, fleeces, sweets, cakes etc. inside the Library (in any area) and/or the Library building or any of our spaces
  • No posters, stickers or flyers within our spaces or external fabric of our buildings
  • No selling of items/merchandise e.g. cakes, T-shirts etc. within Library spaces
  • No scooters and bicycles inside Library buildings
  • No sleeping in any Library spaces at any point. Healthy sleep habits are important for successful studying and we encourage you not to misuse the extended opening hours of the spaces

Should you have any difficulties or require assistance please ask a member of staff. We are here to help you!