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Code of Conduct - all Library spaces

We are endeavouring to provide you with a learning environment acceptable to all and ask for your co-operation in maintaining an atmosphere that positively contributes to everyone's ability to study.

When using any of the Library or additional study spaces we ask you to be considerate to others and follow the below guidelines:

Food and drink

  • You can drink hot & cold drinks and eat cold food in most areas, the only exceptions to this are the stairways in the Main Library. Please throw all packaging and cups away when you have finished
  • The consumption of hot food in not permitted in any of the Library facilities. Any hot food must be eaten within either the cafĂ© where it was purchased, outside or in any other building on campus where hot food can be eaten
  • Please do not have take away food delivered to any of the Library facilities or bring in hot takeaway food that has gone cold as this can be greasy, messy and strong smelling
  • It is inappropriate to drink alcohol in any of the Library facilities, please treat our spaces as places to study
  • Please leave the study space in the same condition that you would hope to find it in

Use of mobile devices, laptops, other technology and general conduct

  • You may use your laptop in many of the Library spaces – the exception is Silent Study Room 4 in the Main library
  • Kettles, heaters or microwaves are not permitted within any of the study spaces managed by the Library
  • In the Main Library:
    • You are able to talk and make calls on your mobile phone on Floors 1 & 2 - although we do ask you to keep conversations to a minimum and be considerate of your fellow students
    • On all other floors the study areas provided are for quiet study unless otherwise indicated. You may use your mobile phone for silent texting
    • On Floor 2 extension, there are four rooms for silent study
      • Silent Study Rooms 1 & 2 permit laptop use
      • Silent Study Room 3 permits the use of tablets but no laptops
      • Silent Study Room 4 is a designated no technology area
    • In other spaces such as Learning Grids (Rootes, University House (LG1 & 2), Leamington), PG Hub and BioMed Grid you are able to talk and make calls on your mobile phone - although, again, we do ask you to be considerate of your fellow students in the individual study areas
    • Please no live streaming or linking game consoles in any of the Library facilities

Library staff will ask you to move to a more appropriate area or remind you of the Library rules if they feel that you are not using the space appropriately and are disturbing other students.

Should you have any difficulties or require assistance please ask a member of staff. We are here to help you!

These guidelines reflect the requirements of the Library Rules and Regulations.

See also publicising events.