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Walk-in user

Walk-in access to e-resources, where licences permit, is provided on the single pc reserved for this purpose on Floor 1 of the University Library, to registered customers visiting the library in person. Please note the conditions of use below. 

  • There is no general internet access, nor email, nor word processing
  • Neither printing nor download is available
  • Neither cd roms nor dvds may be played on the Walk-In User computer
  • Activity on the pc may be monitored by the University as permitted by UK legislation
  • Helpdesk staff are unable to offer in-depth support to external customers. Priority is given to providing services for University of Warwick staff and students

For more information contact the Resources' Officer, eresources dot lib at warwick dot ac dot uk or telephone 02476 524799.

 request a booking List of e-resources

Please note: Please go to the Library Help Desk and sign for a password before continuing to Code of practice.