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Policy Support

A variety of policy training tools are available to assist with developing your policy work.



The University has recently secured a subscription to Overton, the world's largest searchable database of policy-type documents (including guidelines, regulatory frameworks, working papers and outputs from thinktanks). The platform parses each document - finding references, people and key concepts- and then links them to academic research, as well as to relevant news stories and other policies. The platform can therefore help us discover where Warwick research may be influencing or changing practice in the real world.


Policy Briefing service

The Research Impact team helps academics write policy briefings. Examples of previous policy briefings are available here (these are from the Faculty of Social Science). Our experienced staff translate academic research into succinct and impactful briefings for policy-makers. Please contact the Social Science Impact Team for more information by emailing:

Policy Makers Lab

The Policymakers Lab is hosted by Dr Mattie Toma from Warwick Business School. The Policymakers Lab connects researchers directly with policymakers for whom the research generated by the Lab is relevant while also involving policymakers in the research itself. Accessible summaries and tools designed for policymakers will be created for all research findings that the Lab produces. All participating policymakers will receive digests with these materials.


A range of internal and external funding is available for policy engagement activity.

Internal funding:

Responsive mode impact funding, University of Warwick ESRC IAA. 

External funding:

UK Parliament, POST Fellowships

UKRI Policy Fellowships- awaiting 2024 call