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Thrive™: Helping you realise your potential

Thrive™ is an interactive in-person programme, where you will hear from inspirational speakers, and have the option to work with a mentor to support you on your personal development journey.

Two students, sat side by side, smiling at each other.

Thrive™ can help you:

  • Increase your self-awareness through understanding your own strengths and values
  • Grow your confidence through exploring boundary setting and building assertiveness
  • Feel empowered, overcome self-doubt and increase resilience
  • Push beyond your comfort zone
  • Make connections with like-minded students and start to build a community of support

Open to undergraduates and postgraduates, Thrive™ is free to attend.

Students must identify as a woman or non-binary person comfortable in a female centred community.

Thrive™ is delivered by an experienced team of fantastic women working at the university – click here to find out more about the facilitators involved.

Interested in a bespoke Thrive programme?

If you are:

  • Warwick-based and are interested in a bespoke version of Thrive™ for students in your department, or
  • if you are external to Warwick and would like to express interest in running Thrive™ for students at your university

please contact Sarah Bennett via .

2024/25 Programmes

We'll be adding more information on programme dates for 2024/25 and how to sign up as soon as we can.

Register your interest now to apply first for 2024/25

Register your interest in Thrive™ by clicking the button below and be the first to hear about dates and how to apply.

2023/24 Programmes

Like to get fully immersed? Choose our 2 day intense programme in either December 2023 (1. Autumn) or February 2024 (3. Spring).

Need time to reflect? Opt for our month-long programme over 4 half days starting in either January 2024 (2. Spring) or February 2024 (4. Spring).

Please note, attendance is required at all sessions within a programme.

1. Autumn (2 full days)

5 - 6 December 2023

Launch Event: Thursday 30 November 2023 | 3-4.30pm


2. Spring (4 half days)

17, 24, 31 January & 7 February 2024

Launch Event: Thursday 30 November 2023 | 3-4.30pm


3. Spring (2 full days)

13 - 14 February 2024

Launch Event: Thursday 8 February 2024 | 3-4.30pm


4. Spring (4 half days)

21, 28 February &
6, 13 March 2024

Launch Event: Thursday 8 February | 3-4.30pm


All Programmes Celebration event: Tuesday 30 April 2024 | 3-5pm.


Places are limited and we anticipate demand to be high! We will have a waiting list in place for each programme. If you sign up for a place, and can no longer make it, please ensure you cancel your place, so that someone else may benefit from attending.

Apply for your chosen programme above.

Warwick Award

Warwick Award logo

If you are working towards the Warwick Award, through attending the Thrive™ programme in full, and being part of both the Launch and Celebration events, you can acquire 3 CSPs.

Find out more about the Warwick Award here.

Build your support network

As part of the programme, you may have the option to work with a mentor to support you on your personal development journey. Mentors are carefully selected and trained to support you. Mentors will offer support for a minimum of 3 months.

If assigned a mentor, you will also receive training on how to make the most of the opportunity. This is a fantastic chance to connect with a more experienced woman, established in her career who can share her wisdom and help further your understanding about yourself, relating to what you have learnt on the Thrive™ programme.

Following the programme, you will receive a certificate and access to online resources for your own further reading. We are keen to build a community of support - you will be added to a Teams space to continue the conversations, and be invited to hear from inspirational speakers at in-person or online events.

Guest Speaker 2023

Margaret Iyasi Lesuuda pictured with URSS coordinator Wendy Hunt (far left) and some of the attendees of the pilot workshops that took place in May 2023.

Margaret Iyasi Lesuuda

Deputy Director of Education (Nairobi Region) & Former Education Attaché, UK

As an education specialist, Margaret has 37 years’ experience from a classroom teacher, head teacher, quality assurance officer, District Education Officer to Education Attaché to Director of Education at the Kenyan High Commission in London.

Through professional training and work experience, Margaret has accomplished a career in education, with an expertise in diplomacy and peace and conflict studies at both local and international levels.

She has a passion for mentorship, and drawing on her Maasai background and her strong leadership qualities, she is a mentor and role model for many young girls across sub-Saharan Africa. She is currently pursuing a PhD at University of Bath and plans to leverage her extensive experience to contribute to the overall improved lifelong learning and enhance diplomacy and peace, in Africa and beyond.