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Learn to swim and have a skill for life

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In particular, children's swimming lessons are a fantastic and fun-filled way for children to:

  • learn a new life skill
  • expose them to a low impact cardiovascular workout
  • proven to increase confidence levels
  • help to keep them safer when near to water.

Health giving

As a child’s body changes and grows, swimming can contribute several physical wellbeing benefits. It helps with strengthening body condition and will underpin strong bone and muscle structure development. Stamina reserves, flexibility and co-ordination skills are also improved – all of which can be valuable for other sport and leisure interests.

In addition, an hour or two in the pool will ensure that levels of excess energy in children is used up in a positive way, helping in many cases to enable the child to achieve good quality sleep at night.

Confidence building

Alongside the physical benefits of swimming, many children can also thrive mentally. Known to improve mood and self-esteem, the early adoption of swimming skills can inspire greater confidence and take away any potential water-related anxiety.

Adaptable pools, such as pools with moveable floor depths, and careful lesson supervision by expert Swim Coaches mean that interest in swimming lessons for children at all levels can be catered for and no one need feel excluded.

Confidence can also be built by the opportunities swimming provides for accomplishment. Regularly attending competitive meetings can be a sporting gateway for children who want to test their skills against others.

The Sport England swim stages are there to guide parents, it ranges from Young Swimmers (aged 12 months to 4 years), Learn to Swim (4 to 8 years) and Club Swimmers for children aged 8 and upwards.

Finally, parents of children who have learnt to swim can relax in the knowledge that their youngster is now much safer around water.

Other water pursuits

Though great on its own, having the ability to swim opens the possibility of safely taking up other exciting water-related sporting activities. From kayaking to canoeing, from surfing to paddle-boarding, children equipped with swimming skills are in a brilliant position to try their hand at many other healthy and energetic activities.

Remember it’s fun

Aside from obtaining a new important life skill, it should also be remembered that swimming at its most basic level is also pure fun to be enjoyed all year round by everyone, of all ages.

Most importantly of all, once learnt, swimming is a skill that will last a lifetime.

Learn to swim

Discover swimming lesson for kids at the Sports and Wellness Hub.

David Morris

David Morris Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

David is an avid runner and writes about different aspects of fitness, health and wellbeing. He enjoys running, fitness classes and outdoor activities with his daughters.


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