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Readers in Exams



Use of a reader in an exam. A reader can be asked to read any material relating to exam questions (for example a case study and the actual questions) as many times as the student requests. They can also be asked to read back what a student has written or typed.


Some students may take a long time to read and process the exam questions and to read their own written answers. Hearing what is written helps the student to process the words. Use of a reader enables the student to concentrate on demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of a topic without being unfairly disadvantaged by their reading and processing speed.

  • A student with very severe dyslexia finds that it takes a long time to read the exam questions and often forgets what the question was whilst composing their answer. It is helpful to have the question read to them and their answers read back to check understanding and accuracy.
  • A visually impaired student may find it helpful to have a reader. Even if they have some sight, reading may be problematic and slow.