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Coping Strategies for Symptoms of Trauma

  • This group is suitable for students at any stage of their university careers who have had one or more traumatic experiences, either during their childhood or more recently, and who are continuing to suffer associated symptoms such as flashbacks, avoidance, hyperarousal, emotional numbing, dissociation, emotional dysregulation, interpersonal relationship difficulties, negative feelings and/or negative self-perception.
  • Students interested in this group should discuss this with the person they are currently working with e.g. Wellbeing Advisor, Psychological Therapist, Disability Advisor, Mentor etc. They may then be offered a place at a pre-group session with other students interested in joining the group. This will be an opportunity to decide, with a group facilitator, whether it is a suitable option.
  • PLEASE NOTE - we are currently reviewing the content of this group. We hope to have it ready to go in term 2 - do check back regularly for more information.