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Care leavers

Are you (considering) studying at Warwick having left care?

The prospect of embarking upon a university course can be a daunting one for anybody these days. For care leavers, it can be even more intimidating. Care leavers may have additional considerations when applying and studying in higher education. These should not, however, be seen as barriers to entering or progressing at university.

At the University of Warwick we are committed to supporting students. We have a range of different ways to support you should you need it whilst studying with us.

If you have lived in care, either with foster carers or in a children’s home and you’re applying to the University of Warwick, we hope this information will help you know what additional support you are entitled to, if you wish to take advantage of this. This could include finance, accommodation and other support services. We know not all students will want to use our services and you are under no obligation to do so but we believe it is still useful to know exactly what is available and to keep updated, if you decide you need additional help or support at a later date.

And don’t worry...

  • we will only share your information with those who need to know, and who you agree should be informed
  • your application will not be disadvantaged in any way. Legislation on equality and discrimination is watertight
Support we offer:

Everyone is different. That’s why we’ll work with you to create a personalised package of support. This package can be reviewed at any time to suit you. You might like to contact the university's outreach team for an initial chat in the first instance.

The University offers a network of support available to Warwick students. You are welcome to contact us with any queries or concerns.

Help and advice:

If you have specific accommodation needs, please contact the University for advice (vacation accommodation is generally available to book):