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Stay Safe Hub

Find out more about tips on how to stay safe online and in the local area:

 Looking after everyone in our community during Covid-19:

Guidance for new and returning students

 Telephone scams:

International students are often targeted in a variety of fraudulent calls
e.g. someone pretending to be from the Home Office, an Embassy or High Commission.
For further advice about these visit the Student Opportunity: Immigration Compliance pages.

The University takes your privacy seriously and is committed to being transparent as to why it processes your personal data. To this end, the University has a student Privacy Notice that explains what it does with your personal data,
its legal basis to do so, who your information may be shared with and your rights.
It is updated when necessary so please check it occasionally for any changes.
For Privacy Notices and Policies you can visit our
Tips for Personal Safety in the Local Area:

Basic crime prevention tips to help keep you safe
Student Safety

Note: Students are kindly reminded that they shouldn't carry large sums of cash.