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What to expect

Submit your application for a Postgraduate Taught Course

How long will it take to process my application?

After you have applied, we will contact you within two working days to help you set up your account on the Applicant Portal. From that time on, you can track your application status at any time online.

We consider every application carefully at Warwick.

  • Taught courses: Once we have your complete application (including scanned copies of transcripts and references), we will usually contact you with our decision within 6 weeks.
  • Research programmes: Once we have your complete application (including scanned copies of transcripts, research proposal and references if you have already identified a potential supervisor), we will usually contact you with our decision within 8 weeks.

In busy periods there might be a slight delay, but we will always get back to you as soon as possible.

How are applications assessed?

We will pass your application to the department running your course. They will consider the whole application, assess your results and qualifications to date, personal statement and references. They might ask you to provide extra information to help them to make a decision.

Our admissions team will then carry out any extra checks, and contact you with one of these responses:

  • Unconditional offer: You have met all the academic conditions required and we are offering you a place in a postgraduate programme at Warwick.
  • Conditional offer: You have an offer of a place subject to meeting some conditions. We will explain any conditions you need to meet in your offer letter and in the Applicant Portal.
  • Unsuccessful: Unfortunately we are unable to offer you a place at this time.

Postgraduate admissions fraud

The University of Warwick treats the possibility of admissions fraud very seriously and our admissions team have expertise and experience in fraud detection.

All academic documents submitted by an applicant electronically are checked to ensure they are legitimate before an offer is confirmed. Once students arrive at Warwick, we select a sample of those electronically submitted documents and examine the original. The identity and legitimacy of all referees is also checked.

Unfortunately, every year we detect applicants who have submitted fake or altered academic documents, fake references, or other false or misleading information.

The University takes robust action against applicants in such cases. If we find that fake documents or false information has been submitted, we will withdraw the application and any other applications made by the same person. If fraud is discovered after the individual has matriculated at the University, we are able to terminate their studies under Regulation 6. We will immediately withdraw any future application from an individual who has previously been found to have submitted false or misleading documentation or information.

When investigating potential fraud, we may contact your previous awarding institution to verify your documentation.

What should I do next while I wait for a decision?

We will email you within two working days after your application to help you access the Applicant Portal. You can then use the portal to track your application and update your details.

Whilst you are waiting to hear the outcome of your application, why not take some more time to explore what Warwick has to offer?