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Research Degree Application Checklist


To help make sure you've completed all the neccesary steps before you submit your application, and to give you the best possible chances of success, please follow the steps indicated below.

Q3. Have you identified a member of our academic staff to supervise your project, or in some cases, a project you feel meets your research interests?

  • No

Before beginning your search for a potential supervisor, you should read more about the research expertise of the University of Warwick on our website. This will give you an overview of the areas in which it is possible for you to undertake a PhD. When you feel confident that you can contribute to the research carried out at the University, you can then begin your search for a supervisor. You can do this in a number of ways:

All the departments at the University have their own websites which feature details of the staff interests and publications. The academic staff at the University welcome enquiries from potential PhD candidates, so you are welcome to contact them, by telephone or email, directly. Please note (a list is available here).

If you cannot find a suitable potential supervisor after trying the above, we would recommend that you send a short summary of your research interest to the administrator in your chosen department. They will then forward your email on to the most appropriate academic within the department. Contact details are available on the individual academic department websites .

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