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Hi, I'm Anna and I have the immense privilege of being the Post Gold Officer of the society.

As Post Gold Officer, it is my job to get those people who have completed their gold award involved in the society, and so with that task in mind, I have many ideas:

DofE Digest

This is the society's first-ever newsletter! This is a space for society members to share their DofE experiences in a fun and accessible way. Plenty of excellent practical advice is dished out by the exec at training sessions, but the newsletter is a chance for everyone to share and reflect on their DofE experiences whilst also being of use to participants. Click here for a read of issue no.1:

If you'd like to get involved please contact me via the DofE society email:

Mentor Scheme

This is in its early days at the moment, but it has the potential to be really great; the idea is that you choose a section of the award to be a so-called 'mentor' in and you will be henceforth the contact point for any member who is struggling or has any questions for that particular section. We' re currently baiting ideas for making the mentor role more involved in the inner workings of the society and communicating key information to the participants in a sub-exec capacity.

More information to be released in 2019 Term 2.

Become an Expedition Supervisor

Another way you can help is by training to become an expedition supervisor for the practice and qualifying expeditions held by the society for the award. Post golders have been very involved in the expeditions in the past and have had brilliant experiences.

This also serves to better your own skill set, and gives you freedom to challenge yourself walking around the chosen expedition locations.

Further Awards

If you really enjoy hiking and being out in the mountains, then you should consider the Mountain Leader Award. This award is aimed at those who want to lead groups in the mountain, but the training course itself is also a great way to improve your navigational skills and learn some handy tips for leading groups. Although the training itself does not give you a qualification, it is really useful to the society, and DofE, as well as simply for fun. To find out more, please get in touch.

Society Trips

With the offer of transport and accommodation in places like Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons, how could you resist? Of course being post gold comes with its perks; whether you want to challenge yourself with harder routes, come along with everyone else, or just explore the area, you should definitely be able to benefit from the trips we have lined up.

There has also been some very preliminary talk on tackling the Three Peaks Challenge at some point this year! Hopefully more information will follow, but nothing's set in stone just yet.

Night Hikes

I plan to organise a series of night hikes throughout the year such as walking to Kenilworth, or perhaps to a bar (challenge: walk back!), and other local wonders.

I also plan to organise one or two more 'extreme' walks to Warwick and back for those wishing to kill 7 hours of their time...

Any other suggestions for night/day hike targets will be very much appreciated.


The socials we run are by no means exclusive to prospective gold award candidates and so all are welcome to all socials and events the society runs! To get a better idea of what socials we have lined up, follow the Socials link above.


Many of you will be very experienced in the ways of the hiker, and I'd very much like to hear any ideas you may have for the society as a whole, and specifically for post gold events.

Contact me by either emailing, or messaging me on our Facebook page.