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2010-11 Exec

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Society Exec 2010/2011:


james.jpgJames Turner
MORSE, Second Year

Hi there, my name's James and I'm the President of this great society this year! I had started my Gold D of E before I came to Warwick and I only had the expedition section left. I completed both my expeditions last year with the society and I am now a proud holder of a Gold D of E Award. I stood for President so that I can give something back to the society which helped me finish my award! Our society is open to anyone, whether you haven't heard of the award, have already started or have completed Gold. The award is a great way to boost your CV, try new things and meet great people! Get involved by dropping us an email or by coming along to one of our socials, day walks or camps. I'm really excited about leading the society this year, and I look forward to meeting you all!


AliAli Glossop
English and French, Final Year

Hi everyone, I'm Ali and I am the Vice-President this year. I started Duke of Edinburgh in my second year at Warwick as it hadn't been available at my school and I'd always wanted to do it! I did the expeditions this year and really enjoyed challenging myself and meeting some lovely people. There are so many opportunities available to get involved with new activities and make friends at Warwick so you're in the perfect place to start or continue with DofE here. I can't wait to meet you all and introduce you to our society!


EmmaEmma Shuttleworth
Biomedical Science, Second Year

Hi, my name is Emma and I am the Secretary for the Duke of Edinburgh Society this year. I completed my Silver award at school, and I am now half way through the Gold Award. I really appreciated the opportunity to finish the award at Warwick as it gives a great opportunity to meet lots of like-minded people. I have recently completed my expedition section with the DofE society at Warwick, which was a great experience, though quite hard work! I have also completed my skill and my residential section, and I plan to face the physical recreation part sometime this year...I'm really excited to have a greater role to play in the running of the society this year, and I would recommend anyone to join in!


Sukrita Chatterji
Economics, Politics and International Studies

D of E Officer

JenJenny Webb
Mathematics, Third Year

I have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold D of E awards. I did my volunteer work with Cancer Research UK, my skill was playing the Cello and my physical was playing Netball. I also helped out on a Guide Camp for a week for my residential. I did my expeditions in Hertfordshire, Snowdonia and Holland. I collected my award from St James's Palace in London last year. Completing the Duke of Edinburgh award is an amazing achievement, it's lots of fun as you meet so many different people, and also highly recommended by employers as it builds on so many essential skills. I found doing the award one of the hardest but most character building experiences of my life, and I made friends for life while doing it so recommend it strongly to anyone. I have lots of experience and knowledge about D of E, so if you have any questions or need any help please feel free to ask me :-)

Publicity and Socials Officer

EmmaEmma Homer
Biology, Second Year

Hey, I'm Emma, this year's publicity officer. I completed my Bronze and half of my Silver award at school and decided to GO for GOLD with the society at University!! I am horse riding for my physical section, drawing and painting for my skill and using this position as publicity officer as my service. I hope to do my expedition with the society this summer. The award is a great opportunity to meet new people and I am looking forward to organising the social events this year, such as .... a ghost walk around Kenilworth castle, pub crawl and meals out! I look forward to meeting you :)