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2015-16 Exec

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Society Exec 2015/2016:


Marvin Lee
Engineering, 4th Year



Marvin entered the world of DofE at the age of 15, doing his Silver and Gold Awards whilst at
school. He did his expeditions in a variety of places, including the Mournes in Northern Ireland, the English Lakes, and the Cairngorms in Scotland. As president, he tries to make sure that everything's running smoothly and most importantly that everyone's enjoying themselves. He's always up for a chat, but don't be surprised if his accent confuses you when you first speak to him!

When he's avoiding his presidential duties you'll probably see him playing Badminton with the club at least once per week, or hiding away in the Engineering Common Rooms or the Library, trying to figure out what's happening.

Vice President & DofE Leader

Sam Adams
Engineering , 2nd YearSam

Sam is the society's Vice President and DofE Leader. This primarily involves managing the DofE programme through the eDofE, as well as assisting you with finding opportunities for your Physical, Skill, Volunteering and Residential sections... all you need to do is ask.

He has completed the Bronze, Silver & Gold awards, and has since become a certified DofE Leader and Expedition Supervisor. Sam is always more than happy to answer all your questions (however random you think it may be), and help you to complete your Gold DofE award. As an Engineering student he can often be found hiding away in the Engineering Common Rooms or in the library. In his spare time he also enjoys mountaineering and sailing.


Lim Yuanting
Law, 3nd YearLim

Ting is a third year law student and has a penchant for travelling around the world in her spare time. She has a love of delicious food, and is no stranger to showing off her creations at home to friends and society members (she has single-handedly made other Exec members get really hungry, and that doesn't happen particularly often).

As Secretary, Ting is responsible for organising the society's email inbox and replying to queries from members (and generally anyone else who asks for stuff. She is also the number one person to go to when Exec meetings and minutes need to be done! Feel free to get in touch with the society by emailing


Sahil Shah
Physics, 2nd YearSahil

Sahil is the Treasurer, so is in charge of monitoring the accounts, organising the budgets, and — most importantly — making sure none of the Exec run off with the Society Funds! He started his Gold with the Society in 2015 and is slowly working his way to completing it! As a self professed speed demon, you should probably worry if you ever see him behind the wheel of a minibus!

Expeditions Officer

Matthew Paramor
French and History, 2nd yearMatt_p

Matt is jointly responsible for running the outdoor and expedition related activities within the society along with Ahmad, these include night hikes, the yearly Gold Expeditions and weekend trips away. Matt completed his Bronze DofE at school, he started his Gold DofE in his first year and completed his expedition last summer.

Outside of the Duke of Edinburgh’s society Matt spends time volunteering with a local scout group, and also organises the volunteering scheme within the University Scouts and Guides Organisation. Matt enjoys cycling and has recently taken up Archery. He is currently organising his year abroad to France in his third year.

Expeditions Officer

Ahmad Zafar
Discrete Mathematics, 3rd YearAhmad

Ahmad is one of the two Expedition Officers, working with Matt to make sure that the expeditions run smoothly and that you are confident by organising the Training Sessions. He started his DofE last year and had so much of a whale of a time that he stood for Exec; it's the best thing he's joined since he came to Uni, because the society is so awesome!

Post Gold Coordinator

Mayur Dave
Mathematics, 3rd yearDave

Mayur, best known as Dave, is this years Post Gold Coordinator for the society. His role, aside from providing splendid commentary to add to any discussions and lovely gingerbread, is to think of, and arrange activities for people in the society who have already finished their gold DofE and have stuck around for the biscuits.

IT Officer

Matthew Hawton
Engineering, 3rd YearMatt_H

Matthew is the society’s IT Officer. This primarily involves looking after the website and online resources and making sure the events are put out on the website so people know what’s going on when if Facebook isn’t close by.

He has completed his Bronze DofE award in school, and is currently working on his Gold, having started in his 2nd year. As an Engineer, he will be most likely found in the Engineering computer rooms or in Curiositea, as his love of cakes and tea come second to none.

Publicity Officer


Cheryl Williams
English Literature, 2nd year

Cheryl is the societies Publicity Officer; spending most of her time telling people in the society what amazing upcoming events there is in the future.

Social Sec

Joanna Watts
Physics, 3rd YearJoanna

There is a saying that this society's Social Secretaries (commonly referred to as the Social Sec) aren't particularly good at handling one too many glasses of orange juice. It has long been Joanna's case that, like many celebrities before her, she declines to comment.

The socials of Warwick DofE Society are some of the most inclusive known to man- and woman-kind, regularly undertaking jaunts to local pubs without any obligation to indulge in heavy-duty orange juice consumption. We have been known, however, to partake to POP!, the SU's weekly Wednesday clubnight, with our friends at Warwick Mountains, to further Joanna's love of the Baywatch theme and Belinda Carlisle. She's always approachable — always find her at socials to say hello, whether that's at a pub or in the urban warfare surroundings of Laserquest.